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Double-layered paper bags

Double-layered paper bags are used for packing products, which are difficult to pack and transport. The most common products, which are packed in double-layered bags are briquette, charcoal, seeds, mortar, cat litter, flour and other loose articles. In the constant production we have double-layered paper bags for briquette and charcoal with our standard print. The bags can be printed with flexographic method up to 8 colours, using water-based paints and with customer’s individual graphic design.

Our standard sizes of double-layered paper bags:

240x130x450 mm, kraft paper 2 x 70g

180x110x420 mm, kraft paper 2 x 70g

With this type of bags there is a possibility of using paper combinations like: white-white, white-brown, brown-brown. 
The bags can be produced with paper flat handles, glued in between layers, which will make carrying bags more easier.