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Tissue napkins

In our offer you will find paper napkins, which are made of pure tissue-paper. We produce  1, 2 and 3-ply napkins, with different foldings, with the possibility of printing individual logo up to three colours. Paper napkins with logo can become a great advertisment and an information carrier about your company’s offer.

The sizes and foldings of the napkins:

33x33cm 1/4 fold (after folding 16,5×16,5cm)
1, 2 and 3 plies (1×16,5g, 2×16,5g, 3×16,5g)

33x33cm 1/8 fold (after folding 8,5×16,5cm)
1, 2 and 3 plies (1×16,5g, 2×16,5g, 3×16,5g)

33x33cm 1/12 fold (after folding 6×16,5cm)
1 and 2 plies (1×16,5g, 2×16,5g)

25x25cm 1/4 fold (after folding 12×12,5cm)
1 ply (1x17g)